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How to use SolidWorks RX

SolidWorks RX is a diagnostic utility that you can use to record a video of an issue you may be having in SolidWorks. Apart from capturing a video of the cause of the problem, RX also captures information regarding your system including SolidWorks and Windows log files that can help determine the cause of a problem.

  1. Save all open SolidWorks documents and close SolidWorks
  2. Start Menu >> All Programs >> SolidWorks 20XX >> SolidWorks Tools >> SolidWorks RX
  3. Problem Capture >> Record video
  4. Show all steps to recreate the problem
  5. Once finished, close SolidWorks (if it does not crash)
  6. In SolidWorks RX >> Describe the problem (minimal detail is fine)
  7. Add any relevant files with the Add Files button
  8. Package Files
  9. Email the ZIP file to your support engineer

If you cannot reproduce your error on demand – i.e. SolidWorks is crashing often, but randomly, start RX directly after SolidWorks has crashed (do NOT start SolidWorks up again). You can then skip steps 3 - 5 and when you package the files, RX will capture the last Journal file which should explain the cause of the crash.

Be aware that the Problem Capture page looks a bit different from version to version, but the process is generally the same.

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