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Don't forget to transfer your standalone license -

One of the most common questions a SolidWorks Support/Applications Engineer
is asked by a customer:

"Iv'e had my SolidWorks standalone license activated on my main office machine, 
but sometimes need it either activated on another machine or
at my home office, when I get to the other machine and attempt to activate
the license it comes up stating that the license is 
activated else where! its so irritating!
What can be done to remind me to transfer the license after I'm finished with SolidWorks?
I don't want to have to drive back to the office or 
home to release the license, would be nice if I could get a little reminder when I close SolidWorks?"

My response to this would usually be to re-enforce to the customer -

"Don't forget to transfer your license after use, if you are wanting to activate else where" 

But I have realised its easier said than actually done, so I have taken a little initiative and written a simple Visual Basic Script (VBScript) that monitors the SolidWorks process SLDWORKS.EXE and once the process is stopped meaning SolidWorks has closed the user will get a little message like the one below: 

This little "Notifier" is like a reminder to the user to transfer off their standalone license so that it can be activated else where, if they click the YES button it will start up the swactwiz tool (transfer / activate / show licenses tool ) 

The user can now click Transfer a Software license - to release their SolidWorks activation. 

If the user specifies NO than they are reminded that their computer is still activated and that if they want to transfer the license to re-start SolidWorks and close then click YES

Thats it! 

The script has a loop command meaning that once it starts and SolidWorks closes the script runs through the notification windows until exit then it re loops and starts to monitor the SLDWORKS.EXE process again. 

This tool/script is only a notifier it does not automate the transferring of the license only alarms the user and reminds them to transfer the license if they need to. 

The recommended installation directory for this tool is : C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup - this means that after your computer either does a reboot or a shutdown and start up, the script will always be running. 

This script is only for standalone SolidWorks license, not required for network licenses. 

I think this is a nice little tool for those who require the reminder and I hope it helps solve the problem that many customers have of forgetting to transfer their license for activation on another machine. 

For the installation process of this tool please review the video below. Please feel free to comment, share and spread the word. 

This tool was made for use by Solidtec Solutions Pty Ltd and scripted by Perry Klinger.


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