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Create evenly distributed sketch points along a curve in SolidWorks and export to excel

This blog shows you how to create evenly distributed sketch points along a sketched curve in SolidWorks, then export the x,y,z coordinates of those points into excel and additionally, import the x,y,z coordinate data back into SolidWorks as a 3d sketch. First, an arbitrary curve is generated, reference geometry point tool creates evenly distributed points. Another sketch is generated that is coincident with the original sketch and a convert entities is performed. This results in sketch points in a 2d sketch. A macro named, "xyz to excel" is then executed to generate a list of x,y,z coordinates in excel. The same data is then imported from excel to SolidWorks using a similar macro based excel document named, "excel to xyz.xlsx".


Presented By Costa A - Applications Engineer Solidtec Solutions

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