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Como Engineers use SolidWorks to Help Set Them Apart

Como Engineers deliver engineering, mining, metallurgy and construction services and specialist products to the global mining and resource sector.  Como Engineers are part of the ASX listed VDM Group and have offices in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Jakarta, and Hanoi.

Como Engineers specialise in Brownfield’s projects (Existing Mining sites that require modifications or additional work) and are experts in ‘concept through design’ project management.

Previously a SolidEdge user, Como changed to SolidWorks just a few months ago for several reasons. Como Engineers Drafting Manager, Michael Crawford said that the main reasons for the change were “the advanced large model handling capabilities of SolidWorks and his own personal experience and belief that SolidWorks is a better package”.

When asked about his favourite aspects of SolidWorks, Michael outlined that “it’s simply faster, more automated, easier to use, and I genuinely have fun working with it”.

Although Como have only had SolidWorks implemented for a little over 3 months, Michael outlined the instantaneous productivity gain noticeable just from not having to wait for his drawings to open.  “I’m sure I’ll be able to provide more substantial productivity gain metrics as time goes on, however, just seeing a positive effect on the way we work at this early stage is impressive”, stated Michael.

Como also use PhotoView 360 for presentation and marketing purposes of which there is plenty of evidence via their website at .

When asked about what sets Como Engineers apart from their competition, Michael’s response was “our customer service! We have continuous work simply streaming from one satisfied customer to the next”.  Which is a familiar story for their SolidWorks provider Solidtec Solutions who had the highest customer satisfaction rating of any SolidWorks reseller in the Asia-Pacific region last year. “That was the most important differentiator for us when choosing our SolidWorks provider” says Michael, “Solidtec Solutions gave us a good price on our SolidWorks package and we knew we were getting the best customer service and support available”.

For more information on Como Engineers visit or call 08 9432 0100.

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