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Solidtec sponsors South Australian Motor Racing Services firm Bullet Cylinder Heads

Bullet Cylinder Heads provides a range of services to the racing industry. The latest equipment and software packages allow them to provide services to motor racing unheard of a few years ago. From the supply of performance parts to the design and manufacture of custom billet cylinder heads, Bullet has the capability to deliver. Services provided include:

·         Custom CNC Porting of Cylinder Heads
·         Design and Manufacture of Components
·         Dyno Tuning
·         Engine Design and Assembly
·         Performance Parts Supplies
·         Reverse Engineering

Bullet Cylinder Heads is one of the most technologically advanced Cylinder Head Shops in Australia. Adopting SolidWorks 3D CAD over 5 years ago Bullet provides a service to design and manufacture all custom components in house. From Australia’s only Holden Billet timing cover to the World’s first solid billet 4 cylinder engines. With the assistance of SolidWorks, Bullet has completed the design from concept all the way through to manufacture including providing complete 3D models, drawings and CAM for manufacture.

All Machining CNC programs are created directly from the 3D CAD models via SolidCAM CNC programming suite. SolidCAM is a world leader in integrated CAM solutions and with the press of a button CNC code is created for the state of art DMG 5 Axis Machine. All machining verification is done from directly in the software. Bullet can modify a 3D model to make design changes and SolidCAM will automatically re-generate the program allowing Bullet to be able to change or customise the design quickly.

Bullet Cylinder Heads have purchased a promotional vehicle with the intent to participate in trade show sections of numerous special vehicle events throughout the coming year. This promotional vehicle will accompany display products in their respective section of the trade show areas at these events, with the intent to raise brand awareness for Bullet Cylinder heads and their partners. Solidtec has provided them with top level sponsorship to aid the success of this tour.

Bullet Cylinder Heads rely on Solidtec to provide them with their SolidWorks software, training and support.

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  1. Thanks for this. The picture looks just like me, except I had heavier pants and a sock over the right leg to keep it off the chain. The ski mask is definitely the way to go. Of course, in just one winter of commuting and rather enjoying it this way, I killed half the parts on the bike, whereas the ladies who merely commuted just put on their winter clothing, changed nothing about their bikes or their relaxed pedaling, and always got there just as much on time as I did and probably more safely too. I'll put in a good word for the studded tires though. When you brake, good ones tend to grip the ice again even if they slip a little.
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