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Hands On Test Drive

SolidTec offices in Australia and New Zealand regularly offer customers and anyone curious about SolidWorks to come in and try it for themselves. Last week I ran a Simulation Test drive in the WA SolidTec office that allowed attendies to see for themselves the power and ease of simulation inside SolidWorks. Their are no pre-requistes for these test drives, so please do not be worried if you have only just heard of SolidWorks or in the test drive have no FEA experience as the 2 hour session is guided by a SolidWorks Applications Engineer like myself that will guide you through every step.

I will briefly explain what was covered in the Simulation Test Drive so that if you are interested you know what to expect if you sign up for the next event. All attendies are supplied a computer to use with SolidWorks, so it is vital that if you are interested in attending one of these events you book a place as early as possible as spaces are limited and the events are very popular.

The simulation example that was used was a model of Remote UnderWater Vehicle and the aim was to run an analysis on the lens module to find out if the design would cope with the Subsea pressure.

As the Test Drive is a hands on event the attendies follow my lead and learn how to set up a model for simulation, apply materials, apply fixtures, apply loads, apply a mesh to the model and then how to interpret the results once the SolidWorks has completed the analysis.

The Test drive is run at a gentle pace and allows for questions to be raised and any mistakes made to be corrected. If a Test Drive of SolidWorks interests you please contact your local SolidTec office to book a place on the next event.

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