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Configuring the SolidWorks Toolbox

The SolidWorks Toolbox is a database of commonly used fasteners and parts, available if you have SolidWorks Professional or Premium. You can customise the Toolbox with your own part numbers, descriptions and other fields you may wish to show on a Bill Of Materials.

This video shows you how to customise the Toolbox to reflect the fasteners you use in your designs, and how to quickly add a large number of properties to those parts using Microsoft Excel.

The Toolbox runs off a database which contains all of the available sizes and dimensions for each part it contains. When you select a certain component for the first time in SolidWorks, it generates that particular configuration or part based on the dimensions contained in the database. If you wish to change the size of an existing Toolbox component, and the new size has not been used before, you need to RMB on the part (on-screen or in the Feature Tree) and select “Edit Toolbox Definition”. This will open the same original Toolbox Property Manager box, and generate the new config when you press OK.

Alternatively, from the Toolbox Configuration window, from the same button where you export settings to Excel, you can choose to "Create configurations" to generate all configurations for the component. This means you can use the ordinary method of changing configs in the assembly. But be careful using this – I did it on the bolt in the video with 198 configs and the result was a 25Mb part file. If you choose to do this, make sure you remove unnecessary bolt sizes and lengths first - you can always add them back in later.

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