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Bend Allowance in SolidWorks 2013

In this video was created by Solidtec Applications Engineer Magnus Whittall talks about how the bend allowances (k-factor, bend deduction and bend allowance) work since SolidWorks 2013?

When working in sheet metal starting in 2013, there is global/part sheet metal feature and a local/body sheet metal feature.

The global sheet metal "Bend Allowances" parameters work in the following way:

1) Create a body, select a k-factor value (this is the existing body k-factor) and the part (future bodies) default k-factor
2) Change the part/global k-factor. This will not change the existing body k-factor
3) Create a second body, this body will have (by default) the part/global k-factor
4) Change the global/part k-factor again. Neither body's k-factor will be affected by this change.

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