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Frame Designs with SolidWorks Weldments

In this video Perry demonstrates how SolidWorks enables users to create structural designs ( frames ) by using what is called "Weldment" features.

Frames are easily and quickly created in SolidWorks by using 2D and/or 3D sketches. Other tools that can be used in frame designs is the Grid feature which allows users to create a single base sketch on the top plane with required geometry and then pattern at required instances with scalable heights for each instance.

Then by using tools found in SolidWorks - Standard, Professional & Premium allow the user to easy create the frame design rather than using the Boss Extrude feature or other simple features.

Not only does Weldments automate the Extrude Boss but also the additional sketching and cutting of the bodies, also limits the user to huge amounts of clicking and setup.

in the background SolidWorks Weldments is adding additional properties to each newly created cutlist item - some properties that can be found is overall length, Body Weight and many more.

Later the design is then placed onto a drawing for further detailing and by adding a CutList table we are able to see the sizes, quantities and lengths required for the members. SolidWorks Parts, Assemblies and Drawings are all associative between their referenced counter parts allowing the user to quickly produce the documentation from the original modelled item.

This Blog was prepared and presented by Perry.

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