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Solidworks Task Scheduler


This blog Shows how Solidworks can help use down time more efficient by carrying out time intensive jobs and giving more space for performing productive tasks.

Through Solidworks Task Scheduler, tasks like solving large simulation studies with number iterations could take long time but through task scheduler you can select to carry out this runs while you are in heading home and in the morning your results will be ready for you.

The setup is very easy. For example, I need to run this model 4 times against different applied forces. So I need is to open my Solidworks task scheduler tool under solidworks tools and select the update simulation task. In this window I will name my task to 4 iterations, select the location of the file and finally select the time for in which this task will place. That is all, in time the task scheduler will launch Solidworks open the file, run the 4 iterations and save the results automatically saving from spending this time waiting for your results.
Other time consuming tasks like creating drawings from part files or even printing a patch of drawings can be done over the night.
It works and guides you through the process by asking you to input the required information. So, the printing task for example will require you to enter the paper size, number of copies required and the printer that will be used. The time required for this job is set to the ideal time of the day so Solidworks will take care of these tasks so you can even make use of your down time.
There are 19 out of the box tasks that can be done while you are not using solidworks as you can see and even you can add your own customized tasks.
Solidworks dose not only offers you an effective design tool but also helps you have a better use of your time.

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