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Australia and New Zealand users of Solidworks - Please read

For all our users of Solidworks 2013(PR and SP 0) in the ANZ region, please be aware of the following  bug in the Weldments module:

As of Solidworks release 2013(PR and SP 0), we have found that a few Weldment profiles have incorrect sizes.  For example, in figure 1 below, the profile is selected from the "AS" standard, Type is "Equal Angle AS-NZS", and size is 45x45x3.  We can see the error here is that it's actually 50 x 50 x 7.8.  We have found at least two profiles where this problem exists(45x45x3 & 50x50x3).  There may be others.  We can also see errors with the sketch itself.  The problem has been reported to Solidworks and will be fixed in a future release.

Figure 1

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