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Solidtec Becomes the First Reseller of InspectionXpert in Australia

InspectionXpert for Solidworks is a quality control solution used to quickly and accurately generate quality inspection report forms and ballooned inspection drawings directly from SolidWorks. InspectionXpert for SolidWorks balloons inspection characteristics directly on your 2D SolidWorks drawings. InspectionXpert for SolidWorks is a Gold Partner product.

Things you will love about this product:
  • Increased automation – no need to manually balloon inspection drawings
  • Faster report generation - no need to write or type in dimension and tolerance information into your inspection sheets
  • Increased accuracy – dimensions and tolerances are extracted directly from the SolidWorks drawing
  • More professional reports – feature control frames and detailed inspection information are populated directly into Excel
  • Better error proofing – inspection tolerances and limits are mapped to Excel where powerful formulas and conditional formatting verify your results and perform advanced calculations
With InspectionXpert, you can extract nominal dimensions, plus/minus tolerances, units, geometric tolerances, hole callouts, finish symbols, and notes and then export them to standard or custom templates in Microsoft Excel. Uniquely numbered inspection balloons are added next to each extracted inspection for easy navigation between the drawing and the inspection report form. These capabilities result in dramatically increased efficiency in the quality inspection process with a time savings of 50% to 90%.

The InspectionXpert product line eliminates the manual ballooning of inspection drawings and creation of inspection sheets for first article, in process, and final inspections.  InspectionXpert works as an add-in to many popular CAD programs. For companies who create inspection packages from multiple file types, InspectionXpert First Article works with PDF and TIFF file formats. 

Solidtec Solutions have become the first reseller of InspectionXpert in Australia and hope it provides another aspect to Solidtec’s differentiation as a SolidWorks reseller in the CAD market.

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