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SolidWorks World Top 10 Ideas on the SolidWorks Forums

If you have visited the SolidWorks Forums recently, you may have noticed that there’s a new sub-forum:

SolidWorks World Top 10 Ideas

The posts with light bulb icons are “Ideas” – these are enhancement requests (ER) that you can vote for directly, rather than through the traditional ER process. Unfortunately the two systems (Ideas and ER’s) currently aren’t integrated – the purpose of Ideas is to generate a list of Top 10 enhancement requests for the SolidWorks World 2011 conference. There is currently an Idea to integrate the two systems together.

You can log on to the SolidWorks Forums using your Customer Portal log in details - once logged in you can vote existing Ideas up or down and comment on them, or create your own Idea (don't forget to search for any similar Idea's first, since multiple similar Ideas may split/dilute the total votes).

Here's a good chance to have a real impact on the direction of future SolidWorks releases - so log in and get voting!

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