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Solidtec Customer, Therma Truck, Wins Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award

Therma Truck design and manufacture refrigerated truck bodies and vans. Therma Truck produce custom bodies, cool cube stock bodies, eutectic bodies imported from Italy, and perform body repairs. At the 2012 Manufacturer’s Monthly Endeavour Awards, Therma Truck won the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award for their ‘Therma Truck Lean Implementation’.

By embracing principles of lean manufacturing, they were able to significantly reduce their overall inventory. The Manufacturing Monthly Endeavour Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts of industry leaders in achieving excellence in manufacturing. The Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award is open to current or former Enterprise Connect clients.

As a Solidtec Solutions customer, Therma Truck use SolidWorks for their design needs. Solidtec caught up with Daniel Liebau, Design Draftsman to talk about how SolidWorks has helped Therma Truck become more efficient. 

“Before SolidWorks was introduced, all of our drawings were done by hand,” said Daniel.  “SolidWorks has provided us with a platform to be able to keep drawings consistent and produce them quickly” added Daniel. Therma Truck has been using SolidWorks 3D CAD for four years. “Since implementing SolidWorks, we’ve been able to extract design rules from what used to be only in the designers mind, and put them in a tangible format for future use,” said Daniel. 

When asked what he liked about SolidWorks Daniel mentioned that “SolidWorks has definitely increased consistency in the manufacturing process. I really like the fact that our drawings are consistent and I have quick access to our bill of materials. It gives me confidence that the finished product will go together with little or no rework.”

SolidWorks helps design teams become more productive and helps manufacturing processes become more efficient. “Our largest gains have been in time and productivity,” said Daniel. “Our drawings process has become more streamlined as it now follows documented design rules, and the drawing pack that we produce now has a lot more detail,” Daniel further explained. “Our manufacturing times have also been cut due to our bill of materials allowing us to pre-order and pre-cut materials to size. It also lets us produce data that is used for costing the job” said Daniel. 

“We chose Solidtec as our SolidWorks provider because we saw a lot of value in their support services. Their engineers are very knowledgeable and quick to resolve issues,” said Daniel. 

Solidtec CEO Shane Preston said that “On behalf of Solidtec, I would like to congratulate Thermatruck on winning the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement award at the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards ceremony. Thermatruck is truly representative of the SolidWorks community in Australia and New Zealand, an organisation finding success in a competitive market through the use of technology and innovation.”

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