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Searching SolidWorks Web Help from the Firefox address bar

Following on from a previous post, if you use Firefox as your web browser, you can create a custom bookmark to quickly search the SolidWorks Web Help directly from the address bar.

  1. In Firefox >> Bookmarks >> RMB in the drop down menu somewhere >> New Bookmark
  2. Name: SolidWorks Web Help Google Search
  3. Location:
  4. Tags: ignore
  5. Keyword: sw
  6. Description: Fill in if you like

  7. Click Add

Now, go to the address bar (keyboard shortcut CTRL+L), clear it and type “sw colour design table” without the quotes, and press Enter – SHAZAM!

Of course, you can create other custom bookmarks – the “+%s” tells Firefox to add whatever you type in the address bar to the web address preceding it. In case you’re wondering, web addresses can’t contain colons (:), so the colon in “site:” needs to be replaced with %3A.

The Keyword field determines what you need to type first into the address bar to use the bookmark so make it something short and easy to remember.

If you're using another browser, don't despair, most browsers should have this functionality - a bit of Googling should show you how to do it.

Here's a way to do the same thing in Chrome.
Here's how you can do it in Internet Explorer.

Happy searching!

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